ARMSTRONG-Double Duty 4


Double Duty 4 Steam Trap/Pump Combination


• Economical. non-electric operation
• Low-maintenance operation. No leaking seals, impeller or motor problems. No NPSH issues.
• Space-saving size. Low-profile body fits in tight spaces while allowing minimal fill head.
• Lower installation costs. Single trade installation.
• Peace of mind. Intrinsically safe.
• Ductile iron durability. Rugged construction material means long service life.
• Efficiency. A closed loop means no motive or flash steam is lost. All valuable Btu’s are captured and returned to the system.
• Safety. The trap/pump can be used in pits or sumps without fear of electrocution or circuit breaker defaults.



Armstrong’s Double Duty® Series steam trap/pump combination offers a low profile solution to draining heat exchangers in various applications.
The Double Duty® 4 is a low profile pump that offers you the versatility of combining a pump within a steam trap to aide in condensate drainage from a heat exchanger under all operating conditions.

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Steam Trap/Pump Combination
Double Duty 4